Wednesday, 21 January 2009

F is for...

One of the privileges of working for UCCF is getting to meet all the people who support us in prayer and in lots of other ways. When I was a student, I never really realised how many people were praying for what we were doing. But now I love that I get to meet them. This week I've been to two prayer meetings and had lunch with a local church leader, and I received a text letting me know another church had been praying for me. I've loved the fellowship in the gospel that I've experienced this week, and I'm really thankful to God for it.

At the prayer meeting last night in Yateley I pointed out to them that the F in UCCF stands for Fellowship. That includes the students in CUs, the staff and Relay workers who support them, but it also includes the thousands of people who are supporting us in what we're doing. And I've been reminded this week that we can't do this without them. So, if you're reading this and you think our 'F' applies to you, then I'm thanking God for you!

Adrian has some nice things to say about the meeting last night. The comment about trifle is true. And the muffins were great.

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