Saturday, 13 December 2008

More (possibly slightly too much) on Santa...

OK, maybe I've been thinking a bit too much about Santa today. I'm refraining from giving my own views on the (fictional) chap, but I saw this from Richard Perkins today and loved it:

Got a question today from one of the staff, "can you just remind me your views on Father Christmas...?"

Fair question. Don’t think she was expecting this: "Get rid of the fat man in the red suit - this is Jesus’ day, so he can butt out!"

Love it. And then I followed Richard's link to Abraham Piper's thoughts on the same subject, summed up in his usual 22 words. For any parents reading this (particularly parents of children I'm likely to meet in the next 12 days):

I worry what to teach my kids about Santa like I worry what to teach them about Rumpelstiltskin.

That is, I don’t.

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