Monday, 4 August 2008

Amusing Theological Discussions #2

On The Wright Stuff this morning. Richard Bacon, Anne Diamond, Craig Revel Horwood and the woman off of 10 years younger, discussing something like "should religious myths be taught to children?" I especially liked Anne's comment: "Remember, the Bible was written a very, very long time ago." Thanks Anne.

[OK, so I didn't actually post Amusing Theological Discussions #1. But it was June Sarpong on the Andrew Marr show. I think there was lots of talk about knife crime, so they had a young-ish person on to look through the newspapers. I think she was a bit out of her depth when she started discussing the Lambeth conference. Thanks anyway June.]


sarahdawkins said...

i saw that as well - thought the whole discussion was a bit random - they couldn't really seem to agree on what they were discussing! And Anne did make me laugh as well . . I'm glad she realised that it was written a long time ago.

Colin N said...

But note the implication - "the Bible was written a long time ago" so we advanced, modern people know better now. Whereas the Christian perspective is that as society moves further away from God, and as the effects of the Fall continue to work themselves out, we are less able to make right judgements and need to rely on the Bible even more.