Tuesday, 22 July 2008

To Timothy...

Tonight at the church Bible study I'm doing an overview of 2 Timothy. I've posted the notes (slightly prematurely, but I doubt anyone will download and read them instead of coming along...) on my website. This is the link:

2 Timothy Overview

It was a bit weird looking at 2 Timothy, and unexpectedly emotional. It was the last of Paul's letters, and he admits he won't be around much longer. So he is desperately urging and encouraging Timothy to hold on to the gospel and to stand firm. There were points where I was close to tears (thankfully Rudi was in the office, so I held them back).

But that's probably because I'm starting to get emotional generally, and I'm starting to feel a bit like Paul. I'll be leaving in just over 2 weeks. This will be the last mid-week Bible study I lead at Ferndale. I'm preparing my final sermon for Sunday. And so, although I don't have any reason to think I might die soon, I think I'm sharing Paul's concern for those he's leaving behind.

It may be an emotional one tonight...

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